The role of the Director

The Director
One of the very crucial jobs of being in a production group is a Director. As a director, you must lead your group with confidence and pride while checking everyone is working away. You must have patience with your group and wait for them to finish their job, so you can help. Before filming, to prevent mistakes from happening you must do sound checks and see if you have different areas to change. But the most important thing of all is …

W is for White Balance
I is for Iris
F is for Focus
F is for Framing
LE is for Level of Sound

W.I.F.F.LE is used when the camera person wants to improve particular subjects, which helps to make a great video or image. One of the key parts of film-making is having a good knowledge of how to work the camera and what techniques could help. With the white balance, you must check if it’s too warm [orange] or cool [blue]. Iris is when you can change the lighting to be darker or lighter. Focus is quite a challenge because you have to check that your subject is not out of focus. The next step is framing - the hardest - you must check that your person has nose room, so it doesn’t look like their walking off screen.  Having a LED light is useful because you can increase the light on the subject. Once you know all that you’re ready to film!


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